Agree, or disagree!...
More than a biography, it is a call for “self-reflection”.

What people are saying about Tomahawk


I thoroughly enjoyed this book. The translation is exceptionally good and the text flowed completely naturally, so as not to obscure the author's central messages, which make for a very stimulating and thought provoking read.

Dave Payette


Quite simply great, and what’s more, very well written… Welcome to the world “outside the box”! I’d like to explain this to my Chinese friend, who, alas, cannot read French.

PS: This book should be available in every language! “Tomahawk Universalis”.

Christian-Jacques Heyer


Progressive introversion is already quite an undertaking, but managing to put down on paper so many thoughts, so many approaches, and to make this into an accessible, interesting work, which keeps one engaged like a conference you can’t tear yourself away from: that’s impressive. 

Jacques Chandenier


I read it as a heartfelt cry from a father, an entrepreneur, and a citizen.

Amélie Garreta 


It is an interesting and accessible book that speaks to a wide ranging audience: those who have children and question the role of education, those affected by depression and more widely, those who question human relations and the organisation of our contemporary societies, notably those looking for new ways of producing products and services. Readers can draw from this work both reason and method to support a personal will to proceed whilst at odds with current crushing systems.

Olivier Jouan


The twentieth century made of ‘Tomahawk’ a precision missile. Previously, the Amerindians had made it a hatchet to clear land, and eventually also a weapon. Yves Mercier has made it a personal essay, vibrant and well written.

Spontaneous, touching, from paragraph to paragraph we go from asphyxiation to revelation. Never boring, often surprising, the content forces a reaction from the reader: either to agree, or disagree! The book can be read relatively quickly but calls for a second reading. “What have you done with your Talent*?, talent?”. A re-examination of the Master/Slave relationship after two millenniums. A questioning of the transmission of values. An encouragement to remove ourselves from the “boxes” within which we are confined, or at least, to gain an awwereness of their limitations. More than a biography, it is a call for “self-reflection”.

*Talent: The talent is a monetary unit mentioned in the holy gospel of Jesus Christ according to Saint Matthew [25,14-30].

Jean-Pierre Sabatier


I confess that at moments, one is drawn by the disturbing similarities, and also by the situations which transport us as if we were part of this story; as witness, participant, even victim.

Philippe Jouanin