To do so that respect for the identity of the individual becomes one of the pillars of the schools of tomorrow.

A Think Tank and research centre focusing on innovation and change management

The distribution of Tomahawk is part of a wider project involving the creation, at Rix mill in Burgundy, of a Think Tank and research centre focusing on innovation and change management.

This centre has a double objective:

  • Sharing experience regarding the impact of the respect for the identity of the individual, either for managing evolution in your organisation or in your own career plan. 
  • Providing, with contributions from all, some concrete answers to this question: " How can we make a society evolve when its model does not prepare us for evolution?"

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Rix Mill

Located in the heart of Burgundy, within the “Chablis, Sancerre, Beaune vineyards triangle”, Rix Mill is part of the 200 inhabitants Rix village, just 3 kms from the medieval town of Clamecy (4500 inhabitants) and 2 hours drive South from Paris.

On 5.5 hectares of land and water, Rix Mill, built in 1743, pre-dates the French Revolution and combines the beautiful architecture of the era with a fully refurbished, high specification interior and the latest high speed internet communications.

It is the perfect place to forget the daily pressure and step back for thinking to the future.

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