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A desire to acquire a global vision and understanding of the world, inspired by the endless panoramas offered by the mountainous peaks of my native Auvergne...

Yves Mercier, author of Tomahawk

The author was born in France, in the land of "great open spaces", the Auvergne. Initiated from an early age in observation thanks to his peasant roots, he has always sought to analyse and understand the world around him. The endless panoramas offered to him by the mountainous peaks of his native Auvergne certainly play a part in this need for a global vision and understanding of the world.

He likes sport and competition, mainly rugby and sky that he has practiced for a long time, but he has, before anything else, a passion for creating, implementing and facilitating. As executive and entrepreneur, he has more than 30 years experience in innovation and change management at international level. Vision, concept, offer, strategy, operational implementation are part of his most familiar words.

His responsibilities also led him to live abroad for two periods: four years in Switzerland, and 17 years in England, with his wife and two daughters. This brought him in contact with some significantly different cultural and educational models.

In 2004, his daughter’s clinical depression made him realise how much an individual’s inner equilibrium is essential – not only for the individual him or herself, but also for the family, and in consequence, for the whole of society. This painful experience also made him realize that the therapy which allowed his daughter to recover from her depression followed the opposite approach to that of our society educational model. This contradiction drove him to want to understand the cause.

In 2008, following an unexpected event and faced with the widespread disarray provoked by the crisis in the financial system, he decided to share the conclusions and convictions he had arrived at, and to write Tomahawk. 

Today, he is still an entrepreneur and an active facilitator. He recently created at Rix mill, in Burgundy, a Think-tank and Research Centre dedicated to innovation and change management.