TOMAHAWK or non-evolution: towards a new vision

What is there in common between the behavioural and cognitive therapy which enabled the author’s daughter to recover from clinical depression, the career transition which took him from the status of a salaried manager to that of an independent entrepreneur, and the win-win partnership that he has been practicing for 35 years for the benefit of managing innovation and change within major international companies?

These three approaches are all based on the same fundamental observation: that respect for the identity of the individual is the foundation of his or her creativity, motivation, cooperation and equilibrium.

This autobiographical essay explains how, in these three instances, respect for the identity of the individual is achieved. It also underlines the factors that can block change, as much on the level of the individual, as for the company or society as a whole . These factors are responsible for what we usually call “resistance to change”.

It also expresses the author’s firm belief that respect for the identity of the individual should be one of the founding prinicples of school, to allow all of us to feel part of a motivating collective project farmacia maschile, oriented towards the improvement of the human condition and facilitating collective living and creativity. 

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